Earn Bitcoin with every purchase with the new lollipop app

Ebay: Earn Bitcoin with every purchase with the new lollipop app

Use the Black Friday offers on Ebay and invest in BTC at the same time? This is what the new integration of the Lolli app makes possible.

All our email inboxes are currently flooded with all kinds of Black Friday offers. There is a message that is in danger of being lost, which should make Ebayers in particular rejoice among crypto-fans. The online auction house works together with Lolli, a shopping app specialised in crypto currencies. Together they have created a way for the 127 million Ebay users to Bitcoin Freedom make payments in Bitcoin. This is stated in a blog post on the Lolli homepage. Matt Senter, CTO and co-founder of Lolli, writes there:

We are proud to launch eBay in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to pamper our loyal lollipop buyers. We have worked tirelessly to make this integration happen in time for people to earn Bitcoin on all their holiday shopping this year.
Matt Senter, Lollipop CTO and Co-Founder

Lolli also offers a reward procedure within the Ebay integration. Customers receive a bonus in the form of Bitcoin or cash when they shop in Lolli’s more than 1,000 partner shops. The company’s free Chrome extension sends browser notifications when a user visits a partner merchant’s website. Ebay is now one of these partner retailers. According to the announcement, customers will receive 1 percent of the purchase amount in Bitcoin (BTC). This offer is of course particularly attractive in times of the current Bitcoin boom, even though the equivalent of the bonus is limited to $50.

Just under a year and a half ago, there had already been rumours of a BTC integration on Ebay. But in the end, the whole thing turned out to be a promotion for a new category.

Ebay and PayPal once belonged together

This new campaign can therefore rightly be described as a kind of double strategy. In contrast to the usual bonus programmes, the aim here is also to familiarise a clientele with crypto currencies en passant, so to speak.

Market observers assume that Cyber Monday will be an even bigger online sales day than Black Friday. Consumers will spend around $12.7 billion on Cyber Monday, a leap of 25 per cent compared to last year, according to data from Adobe Analytics. In comparison, Black Friday is expected to generate $10 billion in online sales.

It is not without a certain irony that Ebayer can now benefit from the Bitcoin boom. Many people blame PayPal’s BTC purchases for the high Bitcoin price. Ebay and PayPal belonged together for 16 years. In 2002, Ebay bought the online payment service provider for a mere 1.5 billion US dollars. Since 2015 PayPal operated as an independent subsidiary and went public in the same year.