DeFi-Coin rose 9266% in one month and could play a role in this $134 billion industry

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Delphi Digital, a research company that produces institutional analyses of the market for digital assets, believes that the oddly named Shroom.Finance (SHROOM) crypto platform has considerable potential.

Shroom is a decentralised financial protocol (DeFi) designed to enable video Immediate Bitcoin gamers to exchange individual and unique assets through the use of NFT (non-fungible tokens) standards. NFTs are unique tokens that represent ownership of a specific asset such as digital art, in-game items and collectibles such as virtual pets.

Piers Kicks, Delphi Digital’s head of games at Delphi Digital, believes that the crypto item should be looked after. He says Shroom’s high-level concept is compelling and notes that the project could become a useful tool for developers in the $134 billion games industry. However, he points out that the project is still in its early stages and investors should be cautious.

The platform could eventually become a useful tool for developers to boot their in-game economies… There have been no official audits of the contracts used so far. The first farming period has been completed and everything seems to have gone according to plan.

Together with many DeFi tokens, Shroom has been an extremely volatile asset in its short history. The token was launched on September 3rd and, according to CoinGecko, rose from a low of $0.003 to an all-time high of $0.281 on September 30th. This represents a massive increase of 9266%.

Delphi has recently made a major investment in NFTs. Andrew Steinwold, founder of podcast and newsletter Zima Red, which focuses on NFTs, virtual worlds and blockchain games, was the first to reveal that the Delphi team has invested over $150,000 in four Axie Infinity NFTs.

We are excited that additional funds will be allocated directly to NFTs. I think things are getting really interesting now.